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Phantasms and Monsters (Poem)

The flowers bloom outside
But here I am inside my room
As the world goes by I stay here
Afraid to leave my home

They say its a shame what
Happened to me, all those
Years ago they think I
Imagined it all, the things I

But I assure you that they are
True. So when you go out and
See the ghosts I can say that
I always knew, to my doubters
They are real.

well, they do say hindsight is 20/20!

Yes true enough

Oh wow, that had to get all sorts of confusing D: I’ve been in classes with people who shared my name but I have a middle name so I always just ended up using both so all confusion averted. ;u;

Ah yeah I’m not sure why I didn’t go just call me Anne (my middle name). Just wound up being Kristine with a K whenever it came up though.

rechive-deactivated20130930 said: Oh that's a really pretty name though! It's mostly written with a K over here so I'm used to seeing it with that instead of Ch haha :D

Oh well that works yeah. Its a pretty nice name even with having to correct the spelling, and having 3 other girls in a class with the same name, and only having a spelling differentiation (I exaggerate but I did have someone else named Christine with the same last initial as me in Grade 6 which is confusing because usually its dealt with by using the last initial) 

Fall Sleep

Fall of sleep
Frost covered eyes
Pillows and leaves
Soft and cold

Bonfires and
Candy bags of
Treats and sweets
Dark and tired

Blankets of
Stars shine ahead
To the horizon of
Cold air out


Inspired by the Idle No More movement, 17-year-old David Kawapit Jr. and six friends left their traditional territory to travel for two months through brush, snow and frigid winter temperatures - walking from northern Quebec to Ottawa to call attention to local issues facing youth, including suicide, and fight for the future of Aboriginal people in Canada.

And instead of meeting with the walkers, Prime Minister Harper chose to leave town for an expensive photo-op with two pandas…

Sign the petition to PM Harper: It’s wrong to put PR stunts before people. Recognize First Nations rights and commit to equal education funding for Aboriginal children and youth.


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people from california make me angry because they think 55…

Oh hmm I guess its different when its more constant, I do come up from the basement to sit outside on the steps and just get warm. But autumn has frost for me, and leaves falling (though I’m sure you get leaves falling). Spring is like 15 degrees and wet, which I associate with Vancouver.

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